Strategic sourcing secures the optimum between people and means in and in between organisations. Organisations need to adapt to the ever changing business environment. This calls for a company strategy that is agile and effective. Strategic sourcing gears up to this agile company strategy.
In today’s ever changing business environment organisations often decide to bundle their supporting processes and bring in a supplier.
We have over 15 years of international experience in the area of ITO and BPO, as well as managed exit, retransition and second generation outsourcing. In a structured and pragmatic manner we lead your outsourcing process.

imgWe advise organisations on:
People Strategy. By using our experience and tools, we assure our clients of a performance-oriented result where risks are adequately mitigated.
Negotiation & Contracting. We have ample negotiation experience and challenge parties to achieve mutual benefits.
(Re)Transition. We have developed a method for effective staff transition and consultation with employee representative bodies, while continuing to meet the set service levels.
Communication & Change Management including post-transition cultural integration. We focus on employees and help them accept the consequences of sourcing by communication at the ‘right time & place, to the right audience and with the right message’ thus delivering transparency and predictability. Many outsourcing deals do not meet the aimed benefits because management underestimates the importance of (cultural) integration. We start with a cultural and organizational fit gap analysis in the due diligence phase and secure an ongoing focus on this topic in SMART contractual paragraphs (See Mergers & Acquisitions).
Our value add in Sourcing
We strongly believe that successful sourcing can only be achieved by creating a win-win for client, transferring staff and supplier. With our experience in many sourcing deals varying in value from €70 mio. to €1.5 bio., we are able to align factors like HR price, (cultural) integration and people with the business strategy/business case early in the process.